Each villa has a personality and style of its own and comes with its own rich history. Our villa collection offers our guests a variety of true Jamaican experiences as a backdrop to their vacation.

Rio Chico Private Estate Villa

The stunning Rio Chico was built in the late 1800's and was originally operated as Dunn's River Guest House. It was sold in 1936 to Mr Crosse of the Crosse & Blackwell family (famous purveyors of gourmet chutney's, jams and spreads since the 1700's) who commissioned Italian stonemasons to design and construct the walls and statuary throughout the gardens.

Lime Acre Villa

Lime Acre sits on a quiet piece of land on the remote South Coast of Jamaica, renowned for its untouched beauty and off the beaten path nature. The old estate house of a former working lime plantation, Lime-Acre Villa has been lovingly preserved to present a traditional experience from the bygone era of British Colonial Jamaica.

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Choose from any of these three locations to experience a slice of true Jamaican life and create vacation memories that will last a lifetime.

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